Why Being Fit Is A Necessity for Travellers

There are many reasons why people travel – business, pleasure, boredom, or quest for adventure. In my case, I travel a lot since my company sends me to sales conventions and client meetings. I also travel with my family because it gives them great pleasure seeing new places and eating exotic food. As a seasoned traveller, hopping from one international boundary to another, I could say that being fit helped me a lot. While other people are worried about what clothes to bring or what shoes to wear, I’m mostly concerned about my physical fitness. Why is that?

First of all, travelling means crossing various time zones. This could really put a lot of stress on your body. Your sleeping time gets disrupted; before you know it, you’ve got a crushing headache. Although I suffer from sleep disruptions, my body can easily adapt to the changes because I always exercise. Whether I’m on the road or at home, I religiously follow workout programs to keep me in good shape. At home, I lift weights and do some routine cardio like jogging. During travel, I do some bodysquats or push ups in the hotel room. Sunny places like California are inviting enough for a brisk walk during lunch time. If there’s a nearby pool where I can have a few laps, then that makes my day.

Another good reason why you should be healthy when travelling is that you carry a lot of stuff. This is most true when shopping for souvenirs or buying new clothes. Even if you travel light, a weak back can be very inconvenient. I’d rather persist on my workout programs rather than suffer from aches and pains during a sales presentation. I always want to deliver a hundred percent especially when dealing with clients. Plus, people will always admire a healthy physique.

Food is another reason why I have to be healthy when travelling. There’s not much to choose from especially when you have a busy schedule. At least, I don’t have any dietary restrictions since I am healthy. No hypertension, no blood sugar issues, no problem at all. So, I can eat whatever meal is served on flights or during meetings.

Most of all, being fit helps you develop a good immune system. Your schedule can go crazy as meetings get cancelled. Flights get delayed so you wait for hours at the airport. If you are healthy, your body can minimize the chances of catching cold or even flu. Going to another place makes you susceptible to some disease common in that area. I surely don’t want to bring home some virus or bacteria to my family; hence, I must always stay in good condition.

Truth is, physical conditioning is a requirement in our daily lives whether we travel or not. What we don’t use, we certainly lose; muscles waste if we don’t move. Exercise produces mood enhancing hormones. Workout programs help us to get in shape so we can always stay on top of the battle called life.

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