Top 5 Must-Haves for a Hiking Trip

One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing the beauty of the natural world we live in. And whether you’re going to the Himalayas or camping in the French countryside, there are a few things you must bring with you to have the best time possible.

1) Camera: Are your really going to hike for hours and not have a few pictures of the landscape to make your friends jealous? Hopefully, you have a smartphone so you can share instantly, but if not, a disposable camera should work just as well. Take a moment to take in the splendor of nature and take as many pics as you can!

2) Food: You’re going to get hungry after all that trekking so bring enough water and food with you to keep your energy levels up. Look for a good lunch bag to keep your food fresh and water cool while you’re hiking. Be nice and bring some for your friends too!

3) First Aid Kit: Just in case, right? It’s not hard to get a scrap or two on a hiking trip which is why you need to bring some bandages and disinfectant. You’ll be away from the nearest hospital so you need to be able to fix yourself up just in case something goes wrong. Better safe than sorry.

4) Map/Compass: New to the area? Be sure you have something leading the way for you. Whether it’s a map or a compass to at least give you a sense of where you are, you need something to guide you. Plus, it would be a bit embarrassing to lose your way and have to be rescued.

5) Sunscreen: Even if it’s cold where you’re hiking, the snow and sun can do a number on your skin. Use a sunscreen with at least 45 SPF and you should be fine. Just make sure you reapply every 2-3 hours to stay protected.

Once you have the essentials, your hiking adventure should be a lot of fun. Be safe out there and take some good pictures!

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