Getting Away From the Office: California

Work is a part of life, and unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you must work to earn a living. But even if you enjoy your occupation, burnout is a reality. Getting away for a few days can clear your mind and help you recharge, thus allowing you to tackle your daily assignments with ease. Rather than spend your days off lying on your couch and watching television, get with a few friends and head west. 

Southern California is a great place to visit if you need to unwind and get away from the office. Famous for its relaxed atmosphere, Southern California boasts year-round comfortable temperatures and plenty of activities. Whether your personality is laid back or high energy, there is something for you in this beautiful state.


Take a studio tour and go behind the scenes of your favorite movie and television sets. Look hard enough and you might glimpse a celebrity. Enjoy a stroll down Hollywood Blvd, or take a drive to Canyon Lake Drive and snap a photo of the iconic Hollywood sign. And once you’re finished exploring the city, get pampered at one of many Hollywood spas.

Santa Monica Pier

Visit one of the oldest amusement park piers and experience California’s charm firsthand. Perfect for friends, couples and families, the amusement park features many attractions, such as a ferris wheel and roller coaster. There is an arcade located steps from the pier, as well as an aquarium located at the base of the pier. Listen to street performers or simply sit back and people watch.

Catalina Island

Located 22 miles off the shore of Los Angeles, Catalina Island is the perfect spot for adventure and relaxation. Choose one of many land and sea tours and explore the island’s beauty and wildlife. There is plenty to do – sunbathing, snorkeling, boating and parasailing, just to name a few. Beachfront hotels are plentiful, and there is an abundance of dining and shopping options.


No trip out west is complete without a stop at Disneyland. Located in Anaheim, this is the best stop to experience legendary rides, such as Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. This is perfect for families, but you don’t need a kid to have fun. Stay at a Disney resort and you’re within a short distance of all the excitement.

Spend a few days in California and you’ll be ready to take on the world again. There is no better way to relax, take in the sights and reclaim your joy.

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