Under The Same Sun (UTSS) is a travel site with a difference. Seeking to explore the grand cultural diversity this beautiful world has to offer, we share inspiration, stories and accounts of people all around the world discovering new ways of living first hand.

From stories of living with Kenyan Masai, to hanging out with the native tribes of the Amazon, UTSS seeks to promote global understanding and encourage you to leave your sofa and get up and explore the world, widening your perspective in the process.

After all, we’re all but one people living under the same sun!

Michael Lovan

Hi I’m Michael, a 20-something travel writer and blogger currently based out of Tokyo, Japan. I’m a keen member of the travel community striving to help other bloggers and writers further their goals both in and outside of the realm of travel blogging. I hope you enjoy UTSS and I’d like to extend my warm appreciation for your visit. Tell your friends!